Know the Different Types of Sports That Are Popularly Played in India


Know the Different Types of Sports That Are Popularly Played in India

Sports are one of the most popular past-times in India. You may be surprised to learn that there are several sports that have become almost common place in our society today. These include but are not limited to, basketball, badminton, baseball, badminton, golf, hockey, rugby, softball, tennis, and badminton. These sports are so popular that in India, Badminton Association has become very strong and is enjoying a lot of popularity.

Sports are one of the few physical activities that can be learnt and mastered by anybody. In fact, it is not just a game for children; even grown ups can take up these games for the sheer enjoyment and fitness that it offers. Sports are a sort of game that requires a specific skill set and a certain level of physical activity. In fact, sports are one of the only sports that do not require you to have superhuman levels of physical strength and agility. Sports can help you in losing weight, toning up your body, improve your vision, and even become fitter and more disciplined.

One sport that many people love to play is darts. This game is played in different variations and is becoming more popular all the time. The basic rules of darts are that, you toss the dart at an opponent who then tries to get it into the dartboard without letting it land in the board. The person with the most darts at the end of the duration wins the game. This game is played in both indoor and outdoor venues and has become very popular all over the world. In India, the Badminton Association is responsible for organizing and maintaining a number of tournaments all across the country, some of them quite competitive.

Another popular sport in India is Taekwondo. It is a martial art originating from Korea. Its origin is probably due to the need for protection from bullies in schools. However, it has evolved into a particular activity which is focused on the development of physical fitness. In fact, most of the athletes participating in various tournaments of taekwondo use a taekwondo towel as a floor mat as they do their warm ups.

In the summer season, there is a huge craze for beach sports in India. There are various other sports too, which are organized for people to indulge in. As a result, beach and water sports have become extremely popular among people of all ages. In fact, these sports have become so popular that most hotels in major cities to provide facilities for these activities as well.

Another particular activity that is gaining popularity is hang gliding. People of all ages and from all walks of life are enjoying this sport. There are many companies and organizations that organize tournaments of this sport, which encourage amateurs and professionals alike to participate. This is why it is the ideal sport for all those who wish to spend some quality time with friends and family as well.