Who Is Toto?


Who Is Toto?

Toto is a great imaginary friend for young children who love the outdoors and animals. In particular, he stands out as an example of a animal who doesn’t speak, only communicates by gestures. This is a very important part of his personality and what gives him his name: Toto. However, in some ways, this aspect of his personality is not very realistic. He does talk in the books, however.

Toto is from the story “The Wizard of Oz” and although most people don’t realize it, he is originally from Kansas. It was Dorothy’s father, Lion who first took her to Oz. After going there and meeting the Wizard of Oz, Toto fell in love with her and brought her back to Kansas. In fact, in some versions of the story, Toto was actually the Tin Man, who sells Tin Toys to all of Dorothy’s friends and family. However, after she leaves Kansas, Toto becomes the dog who stands at their side throughout the rest of the movie.

Toto relates a lot to both Dorothy and the wizard, specifically because the Tin Man is dead in the later parts of the story. It was this longing for his lost loved one that led Toto to find and adopt the lioness as his friend, thereby fulfilling another important part of his personality in both the original story and in the later, more famous novel, “The Wizard of Oz”. He became just as lovable in the subsequent books as Dorothy, making him a favorite character of children and adults alike.

In the book itself, Toto appears as just a simple bear, walking slowly alongside the girl who knew him as Oz. It is later revealed that he was orphaned as a child and became associate with the girl. In the later book, “The Princess and the Frog”, Toto appears again as a clever, and much adored character, who shows up in the rescue of the frog from a snake. This time, Toto appears to have aged, though he retains his pig tail. When the witch captures the heart of Dorothy, Toto appears and saves her as well.

Toto is last seen in the sequel, “The Lion, the Scarecrow and the Witch”, where he appears as an old man. This time, Toto is shown to have developed a love interest in the beautiful young maiden, Belle. He willingly goes along with her to seek her out, and they are soon married. The subsequent events – which include the sinking of the witch’s vessel and the rise of the Lion, who isictrix – are depicted in a very touching and heroic manner, setting a new course for the exciting history of both these great characters.

If you are looking for more of a traditional story about two African-American heroes, then “The Jungle Book” and “Toto” are great books to start with. Both books provide great insight into the world of Africa and how we as Americans can better understand its people and their cultures. In addition, both books are visually stunning, entertaining, and thought provoking, making them worthy of seeing in the movies. Hopefully, by reading these books, you will be able to develop your own understanding and appreciation for these two fantastic characters. They are as worthy of seeing as any other animated film or book ever made.