TOTO’s Newest Dual Flush Toilet

If you have ever heard of Toto, then you probably know them for making great miniature paintings. If not, they are an upscale Japanese company that makes art using traditional Japanese methods. In addition to fine art, they also make footwear, stationery, fine porcelain, limited edition art books, glassware, crystal, clothing, accessories, mirrors, fine China, toys, musical instruments, home decor, photographic goods, incense, candles, perfumes, confectionery, household goods, tools and even cookware. You can say that Toto is one of, if not the most well known, brands in the international market today.


TOTO is a Japanese-owned company that produces a variety of household utilities. They are a leading producer of Japanese toilet tanks and bathroom sinks. As a toilet and bathroom retailer in the U.S., you will find that TOTO carries many different styles and colors in their line of toilets including traditional Japanese models, modern, handicap accessible, gender-neutral, shower-resistant and more.

TOTO manufactures several toilet and bathroom accessories. The brand name also includes a famous subsidiary brand called Toilette, which is located in California. TOTO’s a 350e washlet is one example of their top line flush models. The s 350e is a long-stroke flush that uses hydraulic pressure to force water through the washer’s channels and into the waste stream.

This toilet bowl has a three-part installation. The first stage consists of a non-stick, insulating membrane that protects the electric wires from the heat of the warm air dryer during flushing. The second stage consists of a special valve and lift rod that open when the flush is finished to allow water to flow down the toilet bowl channel, which is kept lubricated with a specially designed flow control. Finally, the third stage of the setup is a pre-heater that circulates warm air to force water down the channels of the toilet bowl. This process allows the water to be pushed to the bottom of the toilet bowl so that it can be rinsed away.

The TOTO Pro Flush Plus is a triple-stage, high-performance, electronically controlled, self-cleaning, enclosed toilet flush system. The TOTO Pro Flush Plus provides an unprecedented combination of exceptional performance, superior reliability, economy, quiet operation, and environmental friendliness. The three stages of the flushed water usage: low, medium, or high are automatically scheduled by the toilet system using a computer memory so that all water usage is recorded. When the flush is completed, the drain tank is opened automatically and the drain is closed again.

For users concerned with water conservation, the TOTO Pro Flush Plus meets both minimum and maximum flow requirements for toilets. In addition to saving water, the toilet is also more efficient by requiring less water when it is flushed. There is no need for the user to waste time in returning to the toilet because the toilet will not need to be flushed again. In addition to these benefits, the TOTO Pro Flush Plus also has a higher than average lifespan. The toilet lasts an average of approximately twelve years.