TOTO Toilets – For All Your Needs


TOTO Toilets – For All Your Needs

Toto is a Japanese company that specializes in toilet products. Toto is well known throughout the world for their eye-catching designs. The company has been around since 1917 and is well known for producing the Washlet and many other derivative products. The company is primarily based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries. Most of the time Toto designs are for residential use, but they have also created toilets for commercial use.

Toto was the number one toilet producer in Japan prior to the 1990’s when Kohler left the company. Since then, Toto has been trying to catch up with the competition by designing new washers and other toilet accessories. Toto designs its products to be easy to clean, with some models requiring only a minimal amount of cleaning. They also produce washlets for the outside of toilets and other toilet fixtures. For the most part, Toto’s range of products for the home consists of a small selection of simple single flush toilets, mid-range and high-end double flush toilets and tubs, along with a selection of “high-tech” accessories such as seat lifts, electronic under-the-sink sprays and traps.

There are many different makes and models of Toto toilets. When you are looking for a toilet for the home, it is important to choose a model that suits your specific needs. If you want to install a bidet, it is best to choose a toto toilet with a bidet seat. While many models of bidet seats are made ergonomically suitable, Toto products are designed to be more friendly to the body. If you are planning to install a wash machine or other high-end fixture, the best toto toilet for your home is likely to be the one manufactured by Toto.

The best toto toilets also feature a wide range of accessories available from the standard to the luxurious varieties. One of the most basic models of Toto toilets features a fold-able seat with an attached seat cushion. This model is often called a commode mounted commode, which can sometimes be adjusted so that it rests just beneath the buttocks. Some toto toilets also feature adjustable legs, which allow users to adjust the height of the toilet bowl. Finally, a low-profile “buddy” seat is sometimes included to make the commode more comfortable when it is in use.

In addition to a seat, some Toto toilets may include a seat and a biodegradable pouch or seat pad. These are useful to keep small objects out of the toilet bowl. If you are looking to purchase a toto toilet that comes with accessories, consider choosing a model that offers a convenient sprayer hose rather than a separate sprayer hose. Toilets may be equipped with an integrated seat brush or scrubber. Some models have a side-mounted nozzle for cleaning the toilet or a front nozzle to wash larger areas.

When you are shopping for a toto toilet, you may be surprised at the wide variety of accessories that are available. These toilet seats come in a wide range of colors and designs. A handy accessory is a remote control bidet, which allows you to wash your bottom without having to look down at the seat. Whether you are purchasing a new toilet or simply adding a new bidet seat to an existing unit, there is a toto toilet that will meet your needs.