Toto Toilets Are Functional and Affordable!

If you are in the market for a new toilet then you may want to consider a TOB toilet. The TOB stands for toilet seat, and is a revolutionary new type of toilet that can be installed right over your existing toilet bowl. This saves a great deal of space and weight since the toilet seat can be folded up and stored under the toilet bowl. It also offers a more sanitary feel than having to climb into the toilet and climb out again to use the facilities. You don’t have to worry about your children being exposed to unsanitary conditions by sitting on a cold and wet toilet seat.

Another big advantage is that the seating depth is much greater than a conventional toilet seat. In fact, it can be almost three inches deep which makes it perfect for places like the edge of a bathtub or side of a bedroom. You also get a lot more room under the toto toilet so you won’t be bothered by small objects that would normally block the flow of a toilet. Most people prefer the comfort that is provided by these toto toilets.

The price of a toto toilet depends on the features that are included with it. A basic model will usually cost less than two hundred dollars but the more expensive models can go up to four hundred dollars or more. Of course, the higher price is because of the many features that are included in the toilet. Some models allow you to add an air powered flush device to save even more money on the overall cost of the toilet. If you live alone or have a small bathroom, then this can be a perfect solution for you.

Not only can a toto toilet be used as a regular toilet or a hand held one, but you can also purchase an adjustable one. This type allows you to adjust the height of the toilet seat to accommodate people of different heights. This is especially handy if you have a elderly person in the house who could stand on the toilet and use it all day. If you are planning to install a new toilet in your home, then this is a good option to consider. You can purchase it pre-made or have one custom made to fit your needs.

When purchasing a toto toilet, you should first determine how much space you will need for the toilet seat. Some models come with a seat that will fit onto the side of the toilet while others come with a back or a bottom mounted seat. If you do not have enough room in your bathroom, then you should look at other options. You can purchase a simple one that attaches to the wall or to a platform that is on the floor.

Although they are not always the most beautiful of toilets, they are functional and affordable. If you are going to get a toto toilet, then you should look at your budget first. It is important to remember that these are used every day and need to function properly. The toilet seat can easily be damaged if it is not properly maintained, so make sure that you look for quality products that will last for the longest amount of time. You can shop online if you want to find the best deals, and sometimes you can even take it home for free. Just make sure that you are buying from a trusted site.