Toto Toilets

Toto is a Japanese company that produces bathroom furniture and equipment. Its washlet toilet is one of the most popular and iconic designs. Based in Japan, Toto has production facilities in nine countries. The Washlet was designed by Toto in 1917. Today, the company has more than 20,000 employees and a range of over 6,000 toilets. This article will examine the history and benefits of this innovative company. This will also give you a brief description of the Washlet.


The Toto toilets come with a dual flush system that doesn’t use a full tank of water every time you flush. The rear warm water washing is a convenient feature that offers you a clean and hygienic bathroom. You can find models with various other features at Toto’s website. Just be sure to read the description carefully. Toto toilets have a wide range of features. You may wish to purchase additional accessories and fancy features to make your purchase even more impressive.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Toto toilet is also available with a wide range of features. The heated seats, remote controlled bidet, adjustable water pressure, automatic lids, and deodorizers are just a few of the many options available. Toto toilets are popular in Japan, but they are now found in many US homes and businesses. You can find them in fine dining establishments like N/Naka in Los Angeles and Odo in New York. SingleThread Farms in Healdsburg sells Toto toilets, as well as in restaurants and cafes across the country.

The name of the company, Tro-Tro, derives from the Ga language word “TRO” and refers to a vehicle that used to charge three pence per trip. Since the penny is not used in Ghana, the price on the Tro-Tro is a nod to simpler times. Toli, on the other hand, means “bold-faced lie” and has come to mean a clever and humorous version of a real event.

Toto toilets can range in price from around $80 to several thousand dollars. In addition to a great range, you can also get them with a water softener shower head. The Toto range of toilets will be a great addition to any bathroom. This is a guest post from the website owner and not an article by Toto. It was written by a third-party to provide a comparison of the Toto vs. the other brands.

The name Toto translates to “washlet” in English. The word ‘washlet’ was first used in 1917 by Kazuchika Okura. The “washlet” was a revolutionary toilet that featured a heated seat and electronic bidet. The “washlet” became a cultural phenomenon in Japan during the late ’80s and is still popular today. This is a good example of the technology used in the modern Toto washlet.