TOTO Toilet Seats – The Best Option For Your Bathroom

TOTO (Tokyo Over Tokyo) is a Japanese company known for manufacturing a variety of bathroom accessories. It is known for creating the Washlet and related accessory products. The company is headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan, which is located in close proximity to the Sea of Japan. In addition to these products, TOTO also manufactures toilet brushes, powder alarms and other toiletry items. The company has outlets across Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

The TOTO Company began producing its first series of toilet seats and washers in 1917. This brand offers a range of colors, sizes and designs. Washlets produced by the TOTO Company feature a distinctive round shape, embossed with the signature “TO TOHO” (Tokyo Over Tokyo), and have been gaining popularity ever since. The trademark logo, adopted since 1917, has become an integral part of the toilet seat and has become a popular selling point, especially for upscale consumers, as well as a lucrative revenue stream. The various models offered by the company include washlets, rugs and toilet seats that are suitable for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

The TOTO Company has continued to manufacture innovative toilet seats, making it a market leader among the various competing brands of toilet seats available in the market. The best toto toilet models that are manufactured by the company meet the requirements of the users by providing adequate space for defecation and by being easy to clean and maintain. With the help of the innovative washes and rugs, the bathroom area can be made more attractive and appealing. Most of the renowned companies dealing in toilet accessories have expanded their product range to include washlets, rugs and toilet seats as well. The innovative and stylish appearance of the TOTO brand has increased its demand in the market. To cater to the needs of the varied population and to make their products more appealing, the company regularly comes up with new designs and styles.

The heated seat and the bidet wand are the most important innovations of the brand that has transformed it into one of the leading toilet seats manufacturers in the market. These two innovations have become the favorites of many people who opt to purchase the TOTO brand. The heated seat, which is manufactured by TOTO, works on the principle of heat therapy. It works on this concept to make the seat more comfortable by adjusting the temperature according to the level of comfort and ease provided by the user. The heated seat provides an extra level of comfort and convenience to the users as it is heated from underneath to provide a soothing sensation. The bidet wand, which is another innovation of the toto toilet seats, also helps to wash and clean the genital region of the users in a simple manner.

While purchasing TOTO toilet seats or a heated seats from the market, you should ensure to check out the compatibility of the toilet paper with the seat. Some models of the heated seats have a paper slot where you can place the toilet paper without any hassle. However, some models of the heated seats have a separate slot for toilet paper. While choosing the TOTO heated toilet seats, you need to look out for the space available in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small then the single seat TOTO bidet seat would be the best choice for you.

The heated seat and the bidet also came in different colors to suit the color of your toilet. The innovative integrated filter and the spray wand help in cleaning the genitalia of the users with ease. You should choose the model that suits your budget as well as the color of your toilet. The TOTO toilet seats have a variety of features that are worth considering while making your purchase.