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Toto is an American rock group formed in Los Angeles, California in 1977. The band’s present line up features Steve Lukather, Robert “Sput” Hurley, and John Pierce, and also includes touring musicians, Robert “Sput” Hurley, Dominique “FX” Taplin, and Warren Ham. The Toto music has been released through several labels including Virgin, Geograph, Cashbook, Interscope, Mute Recordings, and Big Play.

The most well known Toto song is “I Remember You”, which was written by Robert Hurley. This track became one of the biggest selling songs on every major record label in the world, except for Motown. “I Remember You” also reached number two on the U.S. Albums charts. “I Remember You” also appeared on many other albums, including Double Talkin’, and Tokyo nights.

After a prolonged absence from the studio, Toto returned to the public consciousness in the late eighties with their album named Just a Little Bit of Light. The album was recorded by four members – Robert Hurley on lead guitar, Robert Crayton on drums, and John Pierce on bass. The unique blend of guitar/drum/bass makes this album a favorite with audiences, and critics alike. The music is mainly acoustic with some pop songs.

A variation of “I Remember You” was then recorded by Toto as part of their second album named Afterlife. This time around, the band played an acoustic guitar. Surprisingly, unlike the first album where only the lead guitarist appeared on acoustic guitar, this album had four guitars and a rhythm guitar. It also featured John Pierce on vocals, replacing Robert Hurley. The acoustic music on Afterlife sounds more pop than any other Toto record, yet it’s still filled with great Toto tunes. An interesting fact is that after the band went to break up in the late sixties, John Pierce still remained in the group due to his relationship with Yuseichi Yamada.

After the split up of Toto, Hiroyuki Takahashi and Hideki Takahashi started playing and writing their own music independently. However, the band itself did not disband until the late eighties, when they went back to doing what they do best, playing gigs and jamming. The years that they were apart allowed them to have time to concentrate on their sound, as well as hone their own individual skills. Hiroyuki Takahashi is better known for his vocals than guitar playing, but he’s actually quite good at both. He also learned to play the electric guitar from his friend and former band member, who also played drums.

There are many legends that surround Toto, but they are all true. It’s a band that has created some of the most recognizable songs in history. Many guitarists can learn a few of these classics, but none as quickly as Tom Waits. When you’re looking to buy a Toto guitar online, make sure you know what you want before you go and order anything. You’ll find that there are many reputable online stores where you can buy a Toto guitar. It’s also recommended that you read some online reviews before you order so you can get an idea of how reliable any guitar you’re thinking about buying online is.