Toto – Cached

Toto is an American pop band formed in 1977 in Los Angeles. The band’s present lineup includes Steve Lukather, David Paich, and Joseph Williams III, along with several touring musicians. This English rock band has achieved considerable popularity in the United States and around the world, due to the hit songs “Reelin’ in the Years,” “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Haitian Divorce.” The music is largely acoustic and traditional, with a wide range of musical influences, from jazz to pop and folk.


Though Toto is not one of the biggest selling bands in the U.S., their concerts are still popular, drawing a large audience both locally and throughout the world. Although most of the music is acoustic, the band has covered a wide variety of musical genres, including blues, gospel, classical, country, pop, Spanish, and more. The Tin Man is Toto’s most recognizable member, and also their most recognizable image. The original Tin Man is a character from the novel and movie, Huckleberry Finn.

Following the success of their first two albums, Toto made several recordings with numerous other groups, as well. A particularly memorable and influential performance was their appearance on The Simpsons. After their time on the show, Toto has appeared in numerous movies, television shows, video games, commercials, and many other facets of pop culture. Most of the time, Toto’s music is used in these projects, although some have used original songs.

Throughout the years, Toto has expanded its repertoire of songs, which has led to the creation of many platinum and chart-topping singles. Some of these songs have become classics that are commonly referred to by both old and new fans alike. favorites such as “Tears in Heaven” and “Haitian Divorce” have consistently sold well. Other hits have included “Iris”, “Ida”, and “Haitian Divorce II”. The music and lyrics to “Irene” from the band’s album Analogue: Analog is well-known, while the album track “Haitian Divorce II” is one of the most requested by the fans. Another great Toto song is “IKari Toi”, which went double platinum upon its release.

Toto’s keyboardist, Norio Koi, has also contributed to the band’s sound. He has played keyboards for many artists, including the Rolling Stones and Cream. Some of his best-known keyboards are the tracks that he performed with the band in the mid- seventies such as “I Remember You” and “I Remember This Place”. It was Norio Koi that wrote most of the music for Toto’s hit single, “Chaleur de la Meuse”, from the album Memories.

While Toto is one of those bands that constantly puts out great music, it can’t be denied that they’re also one of the most controversial bands in the world. Their controversial music is mostly because they believe in things like animal rights, and their guitarist, Roger Waters, even used to sit for hours with a guitar made out of chicken feed to make a solo for one of their songs. Some Toto songs have caused outrage among people because of their politically incorrect subject matter. One example is the song, “boa” from their albums Water and Steel. In this song, Roger Waters sings about “boating down a pond filled with brand new American cars”.