The Definition of Sports

The concept of sport was first used in the 17th century to describe athletic competition, and it was later used for other sporting events. The term sports came about when an activity was called a sport because it was a form of entertainment. As such, calling a particular activity a sport can give people a sense of pride, and it can also increase the esteem of those who engage in it. However, the term “sport” is a subjective concept, and it is important to consider this before dismissing the concept of sports altogether.


A variety of types of sports have been documented through the ages, from ancient Egypt to the Middle East. Some of these dates back as far as 2000 BC, when gymnastics was popular amongst Chinese society. In the ancient Egyptian period, sports such as wrestling, and javelin throwing were common. And in the ancient Persian world, games like jousting and Zoorkhaneh, a martial art, were also practiced. Motorised sports have only emerged in modern times, and the definitions of sport are still evolving.

The definition of sport varies. Michael Brown, a management consultant, defines sport as any type of competitive event in which players compete against each other. This definition includes ice events, gymnastics, golf, and archery, but excludes tennis and rugby. A typical game of tennis, for example, is not a sport, but an activity in which one player tries to prevent another from scoring. The game can be classified as a “sport” in both cases, but the difference is that a game consists of several different parts.

According to Michael Brown, a sport is any competitive event. This definition excludes track and field competitions, gymnastics, ice events, and golf. Similarly, a sport is one in which one participant is attempting to prevent the other player from scoring. This definition also includes some other forms of competition. Regardless of the type of sport, a game is defined as a sport when it can be played with an opponent. If the two players are capable of doing so, then the game is a true sport.

Despite its many different forms, the word sport is most often used to refer to a specific sport. Its definition is broader than most people think. It can include a number of different disciplines. Typically, a sport is a sport with specific rules. A sport is a game of skill. A person who is skilled at playing a sport will excel at it. For example, a person who is skilled at golf may have an advantage over someone who is less experienced in a particular game.

A sport is a competition between participants. It can be an individual or a team. It can be played by many people. It can be played between two teams. It can also be a spectator sport. It can draw large crowds to the venue and provide a lot of entertainment. The value of a sport can be estimated at $620 billion globally in 2013. Its popularity is a source of income for both the participants and the spectators.