Special Features of TOTO Toilets


Special Features of TOTO Toilets

Since its establishment in 1917, TOTO has been innovating. In today’s market, it is not enough to be just a manufacturer of bathroom accessories; they have to offer a wide variety of items that can suit all personalities and lifestyles. Their range of TOTO items is unparallel in the market. Each item is designed with perfection and innovation, so that the customer can enjoy a great shopping experience.

Among the TOTO products are toilet accessories such as TOTO Washlets, TOTO Air Dryers, TOTO Bathrooms, etc. It was established in 1917 and nowadays is well known for creating the best Washlet and other derivative items. The company primarily operates in Kitakyushu, Japan; however, it has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide.

A TOTO toilet is designed to have two pieces, which are the tank and the base. The tank is usually made from acrylic, stainless steel or other strong material, while the base is either plastic or wood. The tank has two compartments, the one on top being the circular surface where the toilet is placed, while the base has two holes for the air dryer and two holes for the seat. This two piece construction enables the user to easily reach both the air dryer and the seat. A TOTO Washlet usually has a long-lasting life span, and the customer can expect many years of service and satisfaction.

There are several other toilet accessories manufactured by TOTO that are worth purchasing. For example, the exclusive Universal Height Toilet (which is a special model created especially for a wide range of people with different heights), TOTO Aqua Bath, the TOTO Aqua Lung and TOTO Warm Air Deodorizer are very high-end products. All these toilet products are made to provide a comfortable and efficient way to wash, to cleanse and to disinfectse the body. The warm air deodorizer and the heated seat also belong to the high-end category of TOTO toilet accessories.

There is a special model of TOTO called the Thermoid toilet seat. This seat has two heating elements located in each of the rear warm water jets. The two heating elements help to heat the toilet bowl and to soften the poop. These toilet seats are very popular as they help to reduce stress by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the nervous system. A unique aspect of this toilet seat is that it is manufactured using a special heating element that gives out infrared radiation, which is thought to have health benefits.

Another TOTO accessory is their specially designed ThermoFlex stool. The ThermoFlex stool is a high-end stool manufactured to meet the toilet seat requirements. The unique feature of the ThermoFlex stool is that it can be adjusted to the temperature you desire. The specially designed butt pad is extremely soft and comfortable. This specific seat is especially designed to provide relief to the back and to relieve stress.