Shop With TOTO For Your Next Bathroom Purchase


Shop With TOTO For Your Next Bathroom Purchase

Toto is an American hard rock band formed in early 1977 in Los Angeles, California under the name Kong. The band’s present lineup now features David Paich, Steve Porcaro (guitar), Joseph Williams, Steve Lukather, and Simon Phillips (lead guitar). bass player David Paich is currently on tour with Toto as part of their annual Biggest Loser tour. Other band members are: Mark King (drums), Glen Campbell (bass), John Martin (keys), and Glen Campbell (guitar). Guitarist/vocalist Simon Phillips quit the band in 1996.

The toto Drake 2-piece 1.6 GPF Single Flush Orifice Filter is a tankless unit designed to deliver strong stream pressure, along with powerful odor to help keep your home smelling fresh. This model of toto shower is equipped with a conveniently located outlet that connects to the wall outlet. This unit has two independently controlled water pumps that provide an independent flow of water. This unit is equipped with a durable enclosed body that is finished in a non-slip rubberized exterior.

Toto manufactures a wide variety of shower systems, ranging from above-ground walk-in showers to above-ground tankless units. All of Toto’s shower systems are built to last for years with minimal maintenance, and are designed to be easily maintained. The company also offers a wide variety of specialty products such as shower chairs, cabinets, walk-in shower enclosures, and chrome shower heads. Their complete line of Toto products is complimented with an extensive line of accessories that further extends the manufacturer’s design options. Toto designs and manufactures products in a variety of finishes, including platinum, black oxide, brushed nickel, brushed aluminum, gold, copper, stainless steel, and a wide selection of colors.

For those homeowners who want to save money on toilet and plumbing fixtures, the Toto Company offers a full line of single flush, double flush, and tankless toilets, including their famous Trane models. The Toto Fortius range of toilets has three different models with two styles of storage: a self-contained tankless model and a dual-stage thermostatic multi-stage unit. The company’s popular Trane brand is known for its durability and energy efficiency. To make it easy to replace faulty parts, Toto offers free ship nationwide.

For those consumers interested in a more budget-friendly toilet with greater capacity, the Toto Corsa range has another great option. The Corsa, which comes in single, double, and twin modes, is marketed for homeowners who are on a tight budget but still need the latest model toilet with all the bells and whistles. Priced at just over two hundred dollars, the Corsa features a compact and efficient single-piece body that allows users to easily maneuver. It offers two inches of height, making it the smallest of the toilet with a full capacity of one gallon. A free shipping and no tax discounts make it an affordable choice for any budget.

When purchasing a new, updated, or redesigned commode or toilet, it is important to consider the options available from Toto. Whether purchasing new equipment or shopping for a replacement part, the selection of commodes, toilets, and fixtures is extensive. With attractive finishes and innovative technology, Toto offers a wide range of options to satisfy any residential or commercial design. With the lowest prices and the most competitive rebate offers on the market, there is no reason not to shop with Toto. They are committed to offering the highest quality products to their customers.