Let’s Travel – Learn How to Make People Travel


Let’s Travel – Learn How to Make People Travel

Travel is the moving movement of individuals between different, often remote, geographic locations. Travel can take place by foot, bike, car, plane, train, bus or train, and is either one-way or round trip, usually within a country or region. Some forms of travel include caravanning, hiking, trekking, skiing, rafting and snorkeling, but more recently airplanes have become capable of delivering passengers to any destination. Booking a private jet to fly from one city to another, or even a cruise ship has become much more common, not only for business travelers but also for leisure travelers, who want to see different places. One can book any kind of travel on the Internet nowadays, through travel agencies, online travel concierges, travel agents, or directly through cruise lines and airlines.

It’s difficult to define travel, because each person will have a slightly different experience when travelling from one place to another. There are some characteristics that all travellers have in common, though, which helps them understand the world and make it more familiar to them. Travelling is an exciting, emotional experience, whether one is travelling within his own country or abroad.

When I was young, my favourite travel destinations were always in Europe. In high school, I made my international travel plans by going through the travel brochures my friends and I had brought back from trips abroad. I always look back at those travel pages and smile remembering how excited I was about travelling, even for a day. Travelling was thrilling for me but travelling abroad was equally exhilarating for my friends.

International travel was especially interesting to me as a teenager, since my friends all spoke English and we could all use the help of a tourist guide if we ever got lost. We’d all heard about people who had gotten lost on their trip, so we thought we’d better be prepared for the possibility of that happening to us as well. Thus, we bought a lot of maps and emergency items before leaving for our overseas trips. We all also brought a large supply of candy bars in case we broke something during our trip. And of course, we all paid extra attention to our clothing, packing as much of it as we could so that we wouldn’t have to take too many bags with us when we got back to our home countries.

Although it seemed that we were prepared for any eventuality, one thing did happen during our trip that proved highly embarrassing for us. My grandmother had taken all of our foreign countries trips with her, purchasing lots of foreign countries souvenirs and taking a lot of pictures. One of her prized possessions was a small leather book written in Farsi (a language that is only spoken by members of the Pashto tribe of Iran) with a diagram of the Taj Mahal in Mahalik Babur in India. As we cruised along on our two-day trip to Pakistan, she decided that she needed to bring this leather book with her into our cabin so that she could read it whenever she wanted to feel like an important tourist.

Fortunately, we had travel insurance, so our problem was easily solved. We found out that we could let go of the book and keep the diagram as a souvenir, but since this was such a valuable item, we decided to keep it. Had we not had travel insurance, I’m pretty sure that my grandmother would have kept it all her life. Travel is wonderful and if you get enough knowledge about it, you can let go of some of the pressure that comes with it, enjoy the experience, and make other people travel!