Buying a TOTO Toilet

TOTO (Tokyo Toy & Tcho, Tokyo Toy Park) is the world’s largest bath accessory manufacturer. It was established in 1917, and today is recognized for developing the Washlets and related product brands. The company is headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan, which it controls manufacturing facilities in nine countries worldwide. TOTO was established with a vision to bring innovative design and technology to bath accessories. Today, its line of Toteo products incorporates both classic designs and modern styling to cater to the needs of consumers everywhere.


At first glance, the styling of TOTO products may appear to be very different than the other top brands, but they are actually very similar. For example, despite the large size of some of their toilet accessories, such as the Toto Washlet, there are actually a number of other accessories that are virtually the same size, including the Toto Whirlpool and Toto Bathtub. One of the first differences between these competing brands is in the size of the container used in the wash. Although TOTO offers two sizes, it is really just a matter of preference.

There are several common features that all toto models share. For one, most toto toilets are designed to have a wide base that is nearly three feet across. In addition to having a long base, this is to create a comfortable and secure seat for users. With the wide base, the user is not subject to bending over to wash their feet, which can cause discomfort due to excess water. For those who frequently take baths, comfort is also a prime concern, which is why the large base of many toto toilets is an important feature.

As far as the seat height is concerned, both TOTO and Whirlpool use standard height seats. This is to avoid the extra half-inch gap often found with many Japanese toilet seats. Additionally, this allows for easy access to the bottom of the bowl by either using the pull-tab or button-pull design. For a more modern look, many toto toilets come with a two-piece design, which eliminates the gap between the seat and the bowl.

The second common feature between TOTO and Whirlpool toilets is the two-piece construction. Both of these companies use a two-piece construction in their toilets for two primary reasons. The first reason is to provide for a higher comfort height. Comfort height toilets allow for users to sit down straight in the seat, rather than sitting on a narrow seat with a high back. This eliminates the need for users to bend their knees to reach the bottom of the bowl.

The second reason is to reduce the weight of the toilet. Both TOTO and Whirlpool use fiberglass as the shell of the seat material. This reduces the weight of the entire seat to a bare minimum. This is especially important for toto toilet seats, which weigh in the range of twenty-five to thirty pounds. To make the most of your purchase and to keep the price down, when purchasing a TOTO toilet you should always check the price at least once online.