Bidets From TO TA – 3 Types of Toilet Toilets


Bidets From TO TA – 3 Types of Toilet Toilets

To toto is a Japanese-based company known mainly for its bathroom accessories. TOTO itself is stylized as TO TOHO, which stands for “Tower of Toppery.” It was established in 1917 and is well known for producing the Washlet and related accessory products. The company operates in nine different countries worldwide, including China, United States, Japan and Thailand.

One of the most familiar products of toto is its toilet seat. A classic styled elongated seat with an adjustable backrest, this toilet seat has two legs and a broad cushion that support the entire weight of the toilet. The seat is covered with waterproof vinyl, and the whole system is made out of strong wood. However, a relatively new addition to the toilet accessories range is their “Hasslefree” toilet seats. In fact, it is a simple matter to remove the dirt or grime from the entire seat by pushing a button, which is connected to a small lever attached to the seat base.

Another product of toto is its self-cleaning spray wand. This spray wand is shaped like a squeegee and connects to the self-cleaning mechanism built into the toilet tank. By using the wand to wipe the inside of the tank, you can extend the life of the appliance, as well as reduce the cleaning time required by the self-cleaning action. As such many toto users find themselves replacing their self-cleaning spray wand more often than they clean their toilet bowls.

TOTA also makes Bidets, another popular bathroom product. Bidets are mechanical devices with an arm attachment, that sweep the buttocks. The advantage of using Bidets is that it eliminates the need for using toilet paper, thereby reducing the cost of toilet maintenance. And, Bidets can be conveniently used in either position, whether sitting down or standing up.

TO TA also manufactures high-quality bidet toilets, called “Bidet master.” Bidet master bidets are water-resistant, durable and easy to clean and maintain. In addition, Bidet master bidets usually come with a matching hand held shower accessory, called “shower massager,” to help users prevent backaches from washing away their hand held shower massager.

A third choice in bidets is TO TA’s “washlets.” Washlets are a type of bidet that cleans and disinfects by means of an electric motor driven brush. Washlets have several advantages over conventional “wet” washlets. Washlets do not require the use of water, making them far easier to use and less expensive. Washlets may also be washed and dried much more easily than traditional “wet” washlets, due to their smooth inner surface.