The Band Toto


The Band Toto

The names of Toto have been cited as inspirations for many musicians and bands. The band was named after the Wizard of Oz dog, Toto, and their name was derived from the Latin words “in toto”, which means “all at once”. In 2010, the group announced their 40th anniversary tour and an extended hiatus. Since the band has been reformed several times since then, it is unclear if the upcoming tour will still feature the group.

As the band continues to tour, Toto members have worked with some of the biggest names in music. For example, the rock band Pink Floyd recorded a song with Toto’s guitarist Brian Eno, and Toto’s members were featured on the album From the Inside by Alice Cooper. Other notable collaborations include Pink Floyd, Quincy Jones, and Miles Davis. Other artists that Toto has collaborated with include Michael McDonald, Los Lobotomys, and Eddie Van Halen.

After the band’s tour of The Seventh One, Joseph Williams was fired from the band. Toto decided to replace him with another vocalist, and Bobby Kimball was considered for the role. After the release of Past to Present, Toto toured with a mini promotional tour, with former members and Steve Lukather as guest vocalists. On the Toto XX album, Jean-Michael Byron’s contributions were featured in the bridge.

Toto’s first studio album, Kingdom of Desire, was released in 1900. The band’s reunion tour began in 1993. Toto announced their first North American and European tour in September of the year. In addition to the first leg of the 2016 tour, the band also announced a few dates in Japan. The tour was later extended, and they released their album in June 2015. The band performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival the following year and were later invited back for a second.

In 2002, Toto regrouped and announced a joint tour with Yes. The tour began in Mashantucket, Connecticut, on August 7, and ended in Coquitlam, British Columbia on August 17. After the tour, the band reunited and re-released their first album in six years, called “Mindfields”, and it was a commercial success. After the reunion, Toto reformed as a band again, releasing three more studio albums.

In 1980, Toto signed with Universal Music. The band’s debut album was a huge success, with two Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 singles. In early 1981, Toto was touring in Japan for the first time and had already announced a second tour. In the following years, the band’s lead single, “Hold the Line,” became a permanent fixture of their tour schedule. After the success of the first album, Toto’s tour continued and they were nominated for multiple Grammy Awards.

In 1984, Toto renamed their company to Toto-Kodo. The name was derived from the Munja’kin word for dog, which means “dog”. The band added the name Toto to their tour in the late ’80s, when the “washlet” became a cultural phenomenon in Japan. Toto was then joined by a new generation of music fans who cherished the band. They were among the first Western bands to introduce the concept of electronic bidet, which made Toto toilets more accessible and widely used.