Discovering Your Destiny in Life For a Productive Future

How best to discover your destiny
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Tips to help in discovering your destiny

Destiny is Man’s future that is not yet made manifest today. Man as a relative obscurity must first of all know himself, make or mar it. Man has an unlimited potential, when man locates God , his life shall be defined.

Persevere for your destiny is in your failures, Never give up, do not allow your disappointments to weigh you down. the problem is always our reaction towards our challenges in life. try and remain positive.

Learn to be persistent, diligent in a tenacious spirit. Continue in what you have been convinced of. Be very very committed in whatsoever you do and in so doing you will be successful at last.

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Diligence is the act of giving yourself to work as if it depends on what you are doing in life. Failure and lack are events but your quest in discovering your destiny is a journey that never ever ends.

Always have thoughts of good desire and go for it, there is power in spoken word so always speak to yourself,  i have a lot of potential in me, i will definitely succeed, i will make it in life, my future is brighter, i am not a failure, i am a success.

Thinkers top the world and ideas rule the world, the mind has no limits, always stress that mind of yours in search of new ideas cause the mind is unlimited. An exceptional man takes the lead and sets the pace.


In discovering your destiny, Destiny is achieved when preparation meets with opportunity. So as you wait for that life changing opportunity, try and prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, intellectually and otherwise so you can grasp that very opportunity and fulfill your destiny.

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