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10 Reasons Why Failure is Good For Success

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It is without doubt that everyone’s ernest desire is to be successful in life which is a good thing but that very road to success is not by no means a walk in the park, so on this very blog post i will show you 10 reasons why failure is good for success.

Before that i would like to mention one very important attribute that one needs to have if ever you want to be successful in life which is



Patience is a very important attribute that anyone that wants to be successful in life should have, many people that have given up on life today did so because they lack patience, instead of being patient in that very quest towards achieving that goal they give up along the line because they weren’t patient enough. So on that very road to success be patient and when the time is right you will definitely succeed.

So i was thinking, why do people always fail a million and one time before attaining success in life and i was able to come up with this 10 reasons why failure is good for success:

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  1. Failure Prepares You: No doubt cause it does help get you prepared for the future, cause with every failure in life comes a life lesson.
  2. Failure helps you discover hidden potentials: Things that ordinarily you never knew you could do, failure helps challenge you to do them and on the process some hidden potentials are discovered.
  3. Failure acts as a catalyst: Yes this is so true, it helps quicken your inner being towards achieving your set goals in life.
  4. Failure makes you give value: There are certain things that ordinarily you won’t give value to but when you fail cause you placed little or no value on them you have no choice but to value them the more if you are to succeed in it.
  5. Failure helps improve your IQ: Failure does help to improve your intelligence quotient (IQ) cause when you fail in a certain task you learn and become wiser.
  6. Failure Bring about Humility: There is nothing that humbles we human like failure, especially when someone feels on top of the world and later fails, that can really humble the person and also make him/her realize that he/she is human.
  7. Failure makes you Stronger: This is so true cause every time someone fail there is this inner strength that drives the person when next the person wants to give it another try and that makes the person stronger.
  8. With every Failure comes Experience: Experience they say is the best teacher which is truly the fact, people tend to learn faster with experiences of life.
  9. Failure makes the foundation stronger: The most important thing when it comes to success in life is the foundation, when the foundation is stronger then your success can stand the test of time.
  10. Failure helps you become a better version of you: It does help you become a better and more sophisticated version of yourself being that you had to go through all those failures and acquired all those experience and later become successful.
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